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Career Support

I know how recruiters think. That’s because I’m one myself. I know how to succinctly portray the fine details of your profile and your personality. Personality, because while résumé templates can be copied, personality cannot.

I have over 8 years of experience in HR and recruitment. Let’s put that knowledge to use to achieve your career ambitions.

My range of career services include:

  • Résumé Development / Uplift / Critique – To capture your true finesse and personality, you can rely on my résumé writing expertise.
  • LinkedIn makeover – An overhaul of your LinkedIn to give your profile more visibility for both the recruiters and search bots.
  • Job Application – I can apply to jobs on your behalf and fulfill all the documentation requirements.
  • Interview Preparation – Nervous before an important interview? I can work with you to replace that with complete confidence.